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Pierre Pacherel


Little is known about Pacherel's youth, but he probably learnt his trade in his hometown, Mirecourt. He travelled to Italy in around 1822, staying for some time in Turin. It is possible that he met Giovanni Francesco Pressenda during this time.
He settled in Italy in 1826, spending some months in Genua but returning to Turin in around 1829. It seems that he then only worked for other luthiers, of whom Pressenda is of particular note. After 1832, Pacherel returned to France and lived in Nice. It is supposed that he had his own workshop here, since there are instruments with his label from 1834 onwards.
The influence of Pressenda can be clearly seen in Pacherel's work. His instruments are very carefully made, but they lack the brilliance of his role model. He often travelled from Nice to Genua and Turin, where he seems to have continued working with Pressenda. In the course of time, Pacherel moved away from Pressenda in terms of both the making and the varnish of his instruments.

Source: E. Blot Liuteria Italiana Piemonte IV


Pierre PacherelPierre PacherelPierre Pacherel



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