Antonio Stradivari (cello) Bonamy Dobree, Suggia – 1717

The fundamental role Stradivari played in the development of the cello, especially in the period after 1707, has been summarised by the author and violin maker John Dilworth: ‘The cello hitherto had been incarnated in as many shapes as Jupiter; long, wide, deep, flat or small; from tiny Magginis to vast Gofrillers, but Stradivari brought form and discipline, and a clear resolution which has been the model for subsequent makers, […] Although the length had been standardized already by Ruggeri and others, Stradivari’s powerful arching and elegant proportions, and the same expressive detailing which he introduced to everything from harps to guitars to fiddle cases, elevated the cello to the aristocracy.’

More information: Antonio Stradivari Set 1, Volume 3, Page 204