Antonio Stradivari (violin) Edler, McCormack, Healy – 1723

The violin bears an original label dated 1723 and is named after three of its past proprietors. First, Mr. Charles F. Edler, a dealer from Frankfurt, Germany, who owned several Italian fine instruments, and was probably the son of the violin maker Friedrich Christian Edler (1819–1872). Second, the renowned Irish tenor John McCormack (1884–1945), who became a citizen of the United States of America in 1917 and, among other successes, was one of the last few people to be granted the title of ‘Roman count’ by Pope Pius XII. And last, Mr. Patrick Joseph Healy, who moved from Boston to Chicago in 1864 and there founded the Lyon & Healy violin dealership with Mr. George Washburn Lyon.

More information: Antonio Stradivari Set 1, Volume 4, Page 20