Antonio Stradivari (violin) Rode – 1722

The ‘Rode’ violin is not only the last known surviving inlaid instrument Stradivari crafted, but also the only one known to have been manufactured by the luthier after 1700. The Hill Brothers had a particular appreciation for this violin and in their 1902 book on Stradivari compared it to the ‘Blunt’, the ‘Brandt’ and the ‘De Chaponay’, noting: ‘The “Rode”, although of this date (1722), and partaking of the same characteristics—except in regard to its ornamentation—is distinguished by a mature fullness and spontaneity of utterance somewhat wanting in the former.’ Moreover, after describing all the decorated instruments they knew of, they felt compelled to remark: ‘Judged as a whole, the “Rode” would perhaps meet with the more general approbation.’

More information: Antonio Stradivari Set 1, Volume 3, Page 312